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The digital transformation that is sweeping across the global industrial landscape is centered around industrial IoT and field control system technologies. In this era, the quality of the entire digital platform is determined by how reliably industrial equipment can be connected and controlled.


Simple, reliable, and customizable IoT Device, empowering you to thrive in the digital era.

Porta Solution is an innovative IoT suite designed to fulfill the industrial requirements for seamless "on-site equipment integration" and "remote high-level system connectivity."  It consists of Porta CON  , a lightweight programmable industrial IoT gateway embedded with industry-standard protocols; Porta Studio, a cloud-based no-code development platform that eliminates the need for expensive PLCs; and Porta IoT Link, a cloud-centric API service that enables easy integration and management of on-site IoT systems as if they were native to the cloud. Together, these components empower clients to deploy optimal IoT data collection and control systems across various settings.

PORTA IoT Energy Link

Realtime IoT smart energy-saving solution

PORTA Vehicle Manager

Smart Vehicle IoT Solutions

PORTA EV Charger Manager

EV charger station managing solution

CONPORTLAB’s technology is a versatile solution applicable across various industries.

Optimal IoT-based information collection and control system that bridges the physical and digital realms.

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