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Porta Solution is an innovative IoT suite designed to fulfill the industrial requirements for seamless "on-site equipment integration" and "remote high-level system connectivity."
Focus on digital business, leave the rest to Porta Solution.
Core Technology :
Real-Time Control System Middleware

PortaCON is equipped with high-reliability real-time control system middleware, facilitating the construction of secure systems in industrial environments. Real-time control system middleware includes preloaded functions commonly demanded by industrial control systems, such as high-speed field I/O processing, a real-time user logic engine, events, and industrial communication. It provides an environment where user logic can run independently.

By incorporating all the essential functions required for a real-time field control system, PortaCON enables users to focus exclusively on their business logic.

Support for Industrial Standard Interfaces and Communication Protocols

PortaCON provides support for industrial standard interfaces and communication protocols widely used in the power and automation sectors. By offering support for various field equipment and upper-level systems, it enables seamless integration.

- Serial Communication Support: RS232/RS485/RS422

- Field Bus Support: CAN/DeviceNet/ProfiBus

- Standard Communication Protocol Support: Modbus/DNP3/IEC60870-5/MQTT/OPC-UA

Porta CON's ultra-light embedded middleware ensures high performance for small, lightweight hardware; thereby increasing efficiency by minimizing floor space and power consumption. In addition, it uses parts that meet industrial standards, and adds IP67-grade waterproof/dustproof features to enable reliable 24/7/365 operation in tough industrial sites.

Indoor Type
Outdoor Type

Key Common Functions


Field Data <-> TCP-Based Standard Communication Protocol Conversion Function


Support for 2 Modes : Converter Mode & Controller Mode


User Logic Programming through a NO-CODE Based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


Real-Time Processing Support


Over The Air (OTA) Update Support

ARM Cortex-M4
ARM Cortex-A8
Field data support
Analog In/Out
Digital In/Out(I/O Dry contact)
TCP-based prot.support
MQTT/Modbus TCP / DNP3 over TCP / IEC60870-3 / IEC60870-5
Wireless model only(NB-Iot/LTE-M selectable)
802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless model only(optional)
Rechargeable Li-ion battery 800mA (optional)

Porta Studio is a cloud-native software, allowing customers to access the system anytime, anywhere. It offers real-time updates and rapid data processing. Additionally, the No-code development environment enables individuals with limited technical backgrounds to easily build systems.

Porta IoT Link offers a unique feature that allows easy integration with on-site IoT systems as if they were native to the cloud. This capability significantly reduces the burden of direct site-to-site connection management for customers, enabling them to focus more on their core business competencies.

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