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PORTA IoT Energy Link

Porta IoT Energy Link is a smart energy-saving solution that flexibly monitors, analyzes, and manages detailed energy usage by facility in homes, factories, and buildings.


Data can be easily collected based on IoT in various configurations of power-use field facilities, and it provides users with various insights on energy usage analysis by facility in connection with cloud-based servers. These data allow users to be recommended for a variety of energy saving plans and to establish and implement more systematic power demand plans.

Why Porta Solution?
 IoT-based energy measurement and monitoring

Based on flexible connectivity, energy usage can be measured in real time from power facilities scattered in multiple locations, which provides higher resolution data than conventional breaker box-based aggregated energy data collection.

▶ Cloud-based on-site connection and automatic control

On-site IoT Energy Link equipment features cloud connectivity and operational capabilities to automatically control and easily execute user-selected energy savings plans. In particular, the OTA Update Support feature enables maintenance without on-site visits, enabling zero-downtime operations.

▶ Cloud-based integration with external systems

Complete integration between on-site IoT systems and cloud-based platforms provides the ability for external systems to conveniently work with IoT Energy Link solutions. This allows users to easily work with high-quality data on-site without a direct connection to the on-site system.

PORTA IoT Vehicle Link

Porta IoT Vehicle Link covers all kinds of mobility IoT usecases  , providing the key features needed to transition to smart mobility through the combination of IoT technology with existing vehicle systems.


A key component of this solution, IIoT Programmable Gateway product Porta CON   helps to effectively build IoT local networks inside the vehicle. This allows you to build a variety of digital systems by integrating data from additional IoT sensors beyond the data originally provided by the vehicle.


The smart mobility system anchored with Porta CON is linked to an integrated cloud-based management system to fully realize the IoT-based smartification of mobility.

Why Porta Solution?
 In-vehicle IoT local network integration

Porta CON provides easy installation in vehicle and robust IoT local network deployment. This feature strengthens the foundation of smart mobility by making it easier to integrate a variety of IoT equipment beyond vehicle data collection. 

▶ Cloud-navite connection

IoT systems with Porta CON work with cloud-based management systems that provide connectivity, remote control, diagnosis and analysis. The system provides intelligent vehicle management, making the smart mobility experience richer.

PORTA IoT EV Charger Link

PORTA IoT EV Charger Link  allows for real-time monitoring and control of a wealth of information, including charger replacement updates, charging statuses, and operational conditions for numerous chargers.

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